Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How To Make Frozen Peas At Home

Hi Friends.

Today I share another important technique used in the kitchen for storage, that's freezing. In this fast moving , hasty world we tend to use many frozen products as they come out handy. Freezing helps us store seasonal vegetables for a longer time and one of the most commonly used  frozen vegetable  is Peas. The peas made in this way can be stored in the freezer for an year. My mom used to make frozen peas  and now I follow the same trend and make them in winter when one gets peas at a cheaper rate (helps me save a few hundreds in the year).

The procedure is very simple..


Peas shelled

water for cooking

a large pan

Thick towel

zip lock bags

slotted ladle


Take a pan and take enough water in that. Once the water starts boiling add the shelled peas (do this in batches, I made about 8kgs).



Once the peas are blanched you will see them moving to the top surface and floating there, remove them.


Once the entire batch is done, spread it on  a thick clean towel and allow them to cool.


Once cooled, fill them in washed and dried zip lock bags and place them in the freezer.


Once frozen they can be thawed and used.

Sending this to Jaya’s Back to Basics Event.