Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jeerige Kattu ( Traditional Karnataka Style Jeera Daal)




Today I’m posting a traditional kannadiga preparation which is very popular at my place. It is an excellent accompaniment with spicy curries and is S’s and my elder son’s favourite. Recently when my elder son was visiting us I made this several times for him.

It’s an easy lentil preparation has a strong aroma and flavour of Jeerige (cumin seeds/ Jeera). The word kattu in kannada means daal from which all the excess water has been removed. Ideally it should be a thick lentil preparation but my family likes it made a little thin.I made it with Alasande Palya and Huruduperi which is again a family favourite and  for which  I will post the recipes soon.


2 katori cooked tuvar daal

1/2-3/4tsp turmeric

2tsp cumin seeds

3-4 green chillies finely chopped

1tsp ginger chopped

1tbsp coriander leaves chopped

1tsp cumin pwd

salt to taste

oil for cooking


Cook tuvar daal in a pressure cooker with a pinch of turmeric and a drop of oil. Both turmeric an.d oil help cook daal faster.

Let the pressure drop, remove the daal and mash it.

Heat about 2tbsp oil in a pan and once it is hot, lower the flame and add cumin seeds. This prevents the cumin from burning and turning black in colour.

Once the cumin has spluttered add chopped green chillies, chopped ginger, coriander and saute for a few seconds.

Now add the cumin pwd, cooked daal and mix properly. Season the daal with salt and add about 1-1/2cups water.

Bring the lentil/daal to a boil and simmer.

Let it boil for 7-8mins.

Serve hot garnished with ginger juliennes.

I personally love this daal with a dash of lime.



chef and her kitchen said...

I do the same even wid moong dal,its called pesara kattu in Andhra..but never knew that this is famous in Karnataka

Sushma said...

thanks for this recipe..never tasted this before..

DV said...

I love the flavor and aroma of cumin, esp when roaste din ghee...ummm:) This recipe looks awesome with jeera powder added as well :)


Alessandra said...

This looks great, I love Indian (and Vegetarian) food, I will follow you :-).