Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapati..Indian Bread From South India




I’m posting here after a long time. Today I’m posting a simple and yet a little tricky Indian Bread made in South India called Chapati or Chapathi. It resembles the Paratha but is still quite different.

This bread makes use of the excess oil smeared inside and spreads easily and hence is very soft internally. It is rolled out much thinner than the Paratha and uses very little flour while rolling.

It can be served with any curry but it compliments best with the Jhunka.



Preparation Time:5mins

Resting Time:15mins

Cooking Time:20-25mins



2cups Whole Wheat Flour for dough

1/2cup wheat flour for rolling

1/4tsp salt

water for kneading dough

veg oil


Food 4-002

Knead a soft dough using wheat flour, salt and water. Apply oil and rest covered for 15mins.

Divide the dough into 8-10 pieces. Make balls and flatten. Keep covered.

Roll each ball to a 3inch circle using wheat flour and apply 1/2-3/4tsp oil and fold to a ‘D’ shape.

Apply oil to the ‘D’ again and fold again to get a triangle shape.

Apply wheat flour lightly and roll to a 3mm triangular Chapati.

Heat the griddle cook the Chapati lightly on either side and then roast on each side again using 1/2tsp oil.

I prefer the Chapati soft so I do not over roast, for crispy Chapati cook on low flame on either side.

Serve hot with curry or Jhunka.



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Faseela said...

superb chapathi pari...yum